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My First MSP Medtech Post

Minnesota is the #1 producer of medical devices in the world. If you don't believe me go to www.medicalalley.org and read all about it. 

I made my way into the medtech space in 2012, marketing and selling an ultrasound machine to hospitals. Today I'm on the development side representing a company that provides the majority of services necessary to develop a medical device. 

I'm working on a strategic business idea that I'm pretty excited about. In short I'm going to create a network of physicians, CEO's, conferences and pair them with one another for one objective, to build brand awareness. This portion of the blog will be about that journey. I will document it on this blog and through my Youtube channel. 

This week I have a pretty exciting week that I'm going to share with all of you. 

First I'm doing tons of planning for an event that I'm putting on, it's a Medical Device Summit, held at Worrell Design in Minneapolis. I'll take you through a few things that I'm doing to prepare for it, like a LinkedIn calendar, inviting speakers, interviews with the speakers and how I'm building awareness. 

I have lunch meeting with a couple of R&D guys, we're going to co-promote each others events so I'll have some videos from that. 

I have two lunch meetings with local CEO's one is a founder of a couple of companies. 

A call with the director and found of Healthegy, Tom Salemi. We're going to talk about how I can help him promote his upcoming conference and how social media should be a part of the plan to build awareness about MedTech 2017 on June 3rd, 2017. 

My commitment is to work on this consistently for 30 days. My commitment to myself is to become an expert in this field and one day lead a companies sales and marketing organization into it's brightest of days. 


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